Celtics Take Control and Fend Off Elimination in Dominant 110-99 Victory Over Heat

The Celtics are miraculously still alive in the Eastern Conference finals after a dominant performance on Thursday night. Jaylen Brown, who finished with 21 points, said “Our back has been against the wall...We stayed together.” As a result, the Celtics have achieved something no team in NBA history has ever finished: a 3-0 deficit to win a best-of-seven series. Derrick White, who scored 24 points, noted that the team's success came from taking "good looks" and making "extra passes." Jayson Tatum added that it's the "true character of a team" that comes out during the toughest times - and in this case, the Celtics are showcasing that by their resilience. With one more victory in Miami on Saturday, they will bring the series back for a Game 7 at the TD Garden. Teenage fans of this gritty Boston team will eagerly await the final instalment in this historic series.