Nick Nurse and Doc Rivers Join Rising Stars Kevin Young and Jordi Fernandez in Final Interview for Phoenix Suns Head Coaching Role

The Phoenix Suns are serious about finding their next head coach, and they're looking to two of the biggest names in the business. According to ESPN sources, Nick Nurse and Doc Rivers--both of whom have won NBA championships--are among the four candidates for the Suns' bench.

"Nurse has emerged as a prominent candidate in the Suns' and Milwaukee Bucks' coaching searches," said ESPN sources, adding that Nurse is up for the job with three other teams, too. Rivers is no slouch, either; he led the Sixers to a 54-win season last year and has an impressive 16-year streak of winning seasons as head coach.

The Suns are also considering two up-and-coming stars in the coaching profession: Kevin Young and Jordi Fernandez. Young is an associate head coach for the Suns and has had interviews with several other teams, while Fernandez is Sacramento Kings' associate head coach and was part of the staff that helped the Denver Nuggets reach the NBA Finals.

It's clear the Suns are serious about bringing the best to their team. With two championship coaches and two rising stars in the mix, they have some serious contenders.