"Basketball Movie Stars Team Up to Form the Ultimate Dream Squad!"

"It's game time, and these teams are ready to hit the court!" This unlikely 3-on-3 matchup features hoopsters from classic movies like "Hoosiers," "Space Jam," "Semi Pro," "Teen Wolf," "Air Bud" and "Love & Basketball."

Jimmy Chitwood from "Hoosiers" is a master shot-maker and when faced with taking the game-winning shot against South Bend Central in the Indiana high school state championship game, Chitwood said simply, "I'll make it." He's got swagger to boot!

Lola Bunny from "Space Jam" showcases a great basketball IQ and is a sharp distributor and scorer. Clarence Withers of "Semi Pro" had a high-flying game and invented the alley-oop dunk. Scott Howard from "Teen Wolf" embraces a flashy, above-the-rim game and has the ability to take over a game. The four-legged bucket-getter is Air Bud from "Air Bud," leaving opponents with no way to scout a way to defend him as he is one-of-a-kind. Lewis Scott of "Celtic Pride" and Saleh from "The Air Up There" provide the size and power to both the teams. Last but not least is Monica Wright-McCall from "Love & Basketball," showing her skill and love for the game as she also played professionally in Barcelona. This lineup may be the most eclectic team to ever hit the court and you won't want to miss it!