Stephen Curry and Scoot Henderson Join Forces to Transform Youth Sports Landscape

Stephen Curry and up-and-coming NBA prospect Scoot Henderson are joining forces to help promote and encourage youth sports. Deemed the "Next Evolution of the Game" by Curry, the two are aligned in their commitment to equality and hard work.

"What he and the Henderson Family are building is transformative and will change the narrative for how athletes and their families leverage their influence," Curry said.

The Henderson Family operates multiple businesses and philanthropic initiatives for K-12 students, while Henderson himself is a top-ranked prospect in the 2023 NBA draft. Claiming to "have that dog in me", Henderson declared, "I think I'm just the most prepared player in the draft, honestly, I think. [I've] been playing professionally for two years now."

This dynamic duo looks to have a bright future of inspiring and guiding young athletes around the world.