Knicks on Brink of Elimination After Loss to Heat, Julius Randle Asks: "How Bad Do You Want It?"

The New York Knicks are on the brink of elimination after their 109-101 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. All-Star forward Julius Randle voiced his thoughts on why Miami has been able to outperform the Knicks when he said, "Maybe they want it more." Randle believes that the Knicks need to "look within" and ask themselves how "bad they want it" if they want to make a comeback in the series.

The Heat have outrebounded the Knicks 44-35 in the first four games, something Randle put down to their greater hustle. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra praised the Heat’s ability to "find different solutions to win and different guys stepping up so that they had the confidence for these kind of moments".

Jalen Brunson, Knicks guard, called for his team to go into Game 5, also at Madison Square Garden, with the mindset of "giving it your all and keeping your confidence." Now all eyes will be on Wednesday night as the Knicks look to find a way to emerge from the brink and make a come back in this crucial playoff battle.