"Golden State Warriors Reach The Limit For This Year, Reflect On What Went Wrong In Playoff Run"

The Golden State Warriors' title-defending quest has come to an abrupt end after they were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals. According to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, the team "maxed out" and "ultimately" was not a championship team, citing their 11-30 regular season road record, repeated injuries to star players Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins, and a disconnect the team never fully recovered from.

"No competitor believes (you're done) until you're proven you're not a championship team," said Curry. "And that's what getting beat in a playoff series is."

Nevertheless, despite the inevitable end, the Warriors were determined to make a valiant effort, with Draymond Green saying, "It wasn't a championship team. This was not a championship group as it stands." He also insisted the core of the team is still made up of champions, implying that they can still make a return to a championship level. Kerr agreed, adding that their biggest losses were in Games 1 and 4, but ultimately they ran out of steam as they tried to make a push to extend the series to seven games. No matter what the future holds, it is clear that the Warriors are still determined to make a championship run.